Definition of asbestosis with the causes and risks at work

Knowing the definition of asbestosis that you will experience such as asbestosis can irritate the lungs and can also cause damage to scar tissue. When the following problems occur, the following respiratory organs can lose their ability to function properly. A person can experience difficulty breathing and lung cancer. In rare cases, severe mesothelioma can occur after years of exposure.

definition of asbestosis

There is only one cause of asbestosis, namely exposure to asbestos. The following disorders include those that cause inflammation of the tissues in the lungs. Inflammation takes place when the body feels that a foreign substance has entered the body. Thus, the body releases macrophages, a type of white blood cell, and other immune cells to stimulate and enhance the immune process of defining asbestosis.

Besides, scar tissue that forms as a result of inflammation can take place around the air sacs in the lungs. The following disorders can cause the following organs to make it difficult for the body to receive oxygen. Asbestosis can also affect fibroblast cells, which can produce extracellular matrix and collagen to protect the integrity of the lungs.

A person who works in a factory related to construction, railways, automotive, and shipbuilding is at a higher risk of developing asbestosis. Some other jobs that are considered risky are gypsum cleaners, firefighters, and many others. Also, asbestos exposure can develop into asbestosis based on more than one of the following aspects:

  • Amount and concentration of asbestos.
  • Size, shape, and chemical composition of asbestos.
  • The length of time a person is exposed to these minerals.
  • Some health aspects, such as smoking or a history of lung disease.
  • Genetic factors or mutations in DNA that can increase the risk of this disease.

Besides, other parts of the family are also affected by asbestosis due to exposure to the remaining percentage that is still attached to clothes. People who live near the mine are at risk of being exposed to asbestos fibers floating in the air and causing lung problems. Therefore, make it a habit to protect yourself and those around you to avoid this asbestosis definition problem.

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